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Our Favorite Concealed Carry Holsters

The firearms industry is booming and we are seeing more new products hit the market than ever. There are as many holsters and carry options being offered now than ever before. We often get asked during the concealed carry portion of our course what we recommend as a carry option. In many cases it comes down to personal preference, but here is a few of the holsters we like and use regularly:

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters is fairly new to the firearms market but have made a name for them self in a relatively short time. Known for their Inside the Waist Band Kydex and leather concealment holsters, they have provided the sport with an inexpensive but effective concealed carry option. Their most basic model starts at $29.88 and their newest and most expensive, the Cloak Tuck 3.0 sells for $34.88.

Alien gear offers a 30 day “test drive” and offers a free swap out of the kydex shell for when you change firearms.

Manufacturer: Alien Gear Holsters

Model: Cloak Tuck 3.0

Price Range: $28.88-$38.88



BladeTech holsters have been around for some time now and are well established in the firearm market. Our pick from BladeTech is their new Total Eclipse Holster, an all kydex holster that can be worn inside the waistband or outside the waistband depending on the application needed. By changing a few screws and clips the user can convert the holster from an OWB belt holster to an IWB concealment holster. Even in the OWB configuration the holster holds tight enough to the body it allows the user to carry concealed in light clothing without compromising quick access.

Manufacturer: BladeTech Holsters

Model: Total Eclipse

Price: $59.99


Yeti Tac Custom Holsters

Last but not least on the list is a family owned holster manufacturer out of Oklahoma who has built a few custom holsters for me in the past. They offer a wide variety of IWB, OWB and even a few thigh rig systems, all great quality and made with all American parts and materials. Looking for something with a little flair to it? Bill can put just about any design or color you want onto the holster and allow your personality shine.

Manufacturer: Yeti Tac Custom Holsters

Model: Varying designs with custom builds available

Price: $55.00 and Up


This list isn’t all encompassing of the holsters we use but it was a few that we thought deserved a quick mentioning. We are also huge fans of the Blackhawk SEPRA and the Safari Land concealment line. If you’re in the market for a new holster or just looking for new gear to try out these have been tested and received our seal of approval.

Didn’t see you favorite on the list? Share on our Facebook wall what your carrying and why. We love to see what other in the industry are using and why they love it.

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